ARGON intensive campaign, 7 June – 12 July 2012

The ARGON intensive campaign (Aerosol and TRace Gases Observational Campaign at NEO) took place in the period 7 June – 12 July 2012 at NEO premises in Costa Navarino. The campaign was organized by the Academy of Athens and the Stockholm University, with the participation of the National Observatory of Athens (NEO associate partner), the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Crete.

In addition to the routine aerosol, trace gases and radiometric measurements at NEO, extra instrumentation was operated for the monitoring of NOx (NO and NO2), CO and PM10, for the first time in the area. A PM10  sampler was used for the collection of 24h atmospheric samples on quartz filters for further in vitro chemical analyses for the determination of the major water soluble inorganic  ions, concentrations of minerals and heavy metals, the carbonaceous content of aerosols as OC/EC and the water soluble organic carbon content. Finally, a LIDAR system on board of the new van type mobile lab of the Academy of Athens was deployed for the scanning of the vertical profile of aerosol in the atmosphere during the period of measurements (Fig. 1)

Figure1: The LIDAR system on board of the new van type mobile lab of the AA.

Capture of a vertical dust layer (mainly between 1.5 and 3 km) on June 11th 2012.