Mani Peninsula field work, 6-14 April 2013

Fieldwork in the south of Greece

The geographic setting of the Mani Peninsula in the south of Peloponnese, Greece, is contributing to an array of interesting processes to take place. And by processes it is those who shape the landscape, both in short and long terms, the geomorphology. With its direct vicinity to the Hellenic arc, the active tectonics affects the area in several ways together with wind, water and temperature that exists as agents everywhere.

For his Bachelor’s thesis with Stockholm University, Peter Adler, was able to combine some of the subjects in Earth Science; geology, climate, remote sensing, hydrology and geomorphology. The thesis is to examine geomorphologic processes of the Mani Peninsula and the project is part of a larger research made by Professors at the department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology. His contribution to that research is to map an area on the Mani Peninsula, extending from the west coast, over the mountain ridge to the east coast.